How to Increase the Value of Your Home

Andrea Griffith
Wednesday, February 3, 2021
How to Increase the Value of Your Home
My client just got their home appraised. He was dissappointed. With the Folsom real estate market so hot right now, why didn't his house appraise higher? I gave him some tips to increase the value of his home and I'm going to share some of those tips with you now.
  1. Repair. I find that most of the time when a house lingers on the market (especially in a hot market) it's usually because the sellers didn't pay attention to needed repairs. So first thing to do, fix up your house. Check for leaking faucets, toilets, or pipes and get them fixed. If a light isn't working, fix or replace it. Make sure all outlets work. Repair any damaged tile. Make sure your appliances work. You get the idea.
  2. Clean. Deap clean the entire house so it not only looks good, it smells good too. This means decluttering as well. Put away your personal photos and get rid of furniture. Less is more.
  3. Paint. This is one of the easiest ways to spruce up your home for potential buyers. Remove any decorative wallpapers and start afresh with plain and neutral color palettes. This not only offers the buyer a blank canvas to visualize themselves in but also makes space look brighter and more spacious.
  4. Lighting. Upgrade the lightbulbs for a brighter room. If you need to add more light, do so.
  5. Curb Appeal. Clean up the yard and add fresh plants or flowers. Add mulch where needed. Cut the grass and pull the weeds. Fill cracks and holes in driveway. Powerwash the outside of the house.
Those are the easy things. If you have the time and want to put a little more money into your soon-to-be-sold house, then these next ideas are great.
  1. Renovate. Smaller renovations to your kitchen could get you the biggest bang for your buck. A minor kitchen remodel can end up costing homeowners an average of $22,507 and net a home improvement return on investment of $18,123 or 81 percent. Although a bathroom remodel was referred to as a "must-have" for selling potential, an asphalt roof costing around $22,000 could result in more for your efforts (68 percent) compared to a bathroom remodel (63 percent), where you'll likely see less return.
  2. Open up. Buyers today love the open floor concept. By knocking down walls between your kitchen and dining space, or even opening up the living room can add thousands onto your home value. Make sure you check with your contractor first!
  3. Add Storage. Add extra storage. Maybe a backyard shed or built-in shelves.
  4. Buyers love seamless floors. One type of flooring throughout the whole hose makes the space feel seamless and gives the house flow. It feels bigger and brighter to buyers.
Some home improvement projects that used to pay off a while back have now become passé. If you want to get the highest value for your home when it's time to sell, you need the help of a real estate professional who can offer objectivity, experience, and financial insights to your remodeling projects so you can get the most value of your investment.

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